This summer, opportunity knocks. Are you listening? 

May 31, 2012

As the school year comes to an end and summer approaches, children will begin to adjust to new schedules and different people in their daily lives. The structured classroom setting will give way to the new challenges and experiences that summer often offers.  Older youth may get jobs, attend overnight camps or spend more time unsupervised with friends. Younger children may attend daycare or summer camps, or be in the care of neighbors or family members. Hopefully, families will have opportunities to go on vacation and spend special time with extended family members and friends.

During this seasonal transition, children are often spending more time with adults—both those they already know, as well as new adults (caregivers, coaches, friends) and others they don’t see very often (such as family members). It may be this summer when suspicions of child sexual abuse arise. It could be that the child discloses the abuse or that signs are recognized by these new adults.  Or that one of these adults will attempt to victimize your child. With that said, it’s a critical time to understand child sexual abuse and how to talk about it with your children.

Summer presents a perfect opportunity to talk with your children—in age-appropriate ways—about personal sexual boundaries and their interaction with other children and adults.

SCAN can help you start the conversation this summer.

Now is the time—a perfect opportunity to connect with your kids and empower yourself to protect them.   

p.s. We want to know if you’ve brought this subject up with your kids, and how you did it. Comment below for a chance to win a great summer giveaway—this “Stand Up for Children” lunch bag and water thermos (perfect for a summer picnic with your kids!) Share a thought by June 7th at 3:00 PM for your chance to win.