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Abuse didn’t stop for COVID-19, and neither did we.


When families went into isolation

We reached out to every family served in the last two years to let them know they aren’t alone.

When teachers needed support

We developed virtual trainings to help protect their students from trauma.

When abused children lost access to vital resources,

Our CASA team adapted, finding creative ways to continue connecting with and advocating for each child.

When everything seemed dark,

We reminded the world Hope is Here.

Thank you to our Hope Is Here supporters:

Supporters of the Hope Is Here Campaign have allowed SCAN to shine a light on the vulnerable children and families of Northern Virginia, families who have spent months in isolation.

Visionary Sponsors

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Dave Cleary
Tim and Jennifer Gale
Leana and Marc Katz
Jennifer and Mark Strickland

Innovator Sponsors

Marty Abbott
Joe and Sara Carlin
Donna and Pete Cuviello
Rachel Johnston and Frank Landefeld
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Leader Sponsors

John Andelin and Virginia Geoffrey
Rixey and David Canfield
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Harman Cain Family Foundation
Mary and John Kudless

Advocate Sponsors

Linda Banton
Ana Lucia Lico and Tim Bickham
Capital Bank
Valerie and Rubin Cuffee

Janelle and Michael Day
Cecilia Gondor
Adrienne and Dennis Hensley

Mason Hirst Foundation
McCance Foundation Trust

Ally Sponsors

Jim Barthmaier
June and Mike Beyer
Blair Blake
Joyce and Jeffrey Bliss
Melanie Dunn-Chadwick and Ken Chadwick
Kiyomi and Ravi Chandra
Lisa and Michael Collins
Bethanne and William Cople
Cynthia and John Culbertson
Sandra and Brian Darville

Elm Street Development, Inc.
Louis Hofheimer
Joan Huffer and Rob Dugger
Jacky and Brett Jenks
Anne and Donald Kelly
Tehshau Luan
Nancy and Chris Marzilli
Julia Mays
Michele McLaughlin and John Sommer
Yvonne Metcalfe
Kevin N. Monroe

Christian Myers
Tony and Jennifer Peters
Janet and Rick Price
Jonathan Scanlon
Jay Schlaegel
Wade Strickland and Michelle Kisloff
Christine and Nate Tipton
Bridget and John Weaver
Anna and Kevin Weigand
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Foundation

Friends of SCAN

Benjamin and Anna Adams
Deborah and Glen Adams
Mary Agee
Gary and Marcia Ambrose
Nancy Anderson
Jacqueline Argueta
Theresa Bates
P. Becker
Anna Lura Bovee
Cathy Bradford
Doug Brown
Tashia Bunch
Bobby and Kimberly Calise
Eileen Caputi
Jim and Diann Carlson
Linda Carlson
Matthew Carter
Stephanie Cracknell
William Spencer Davis
Allison DiNardo
Taylor Donofrio and Laura Yannai
Jeff and Laura Donofrio
Susan Donovan
Rich Dougherty
Darryl and Nirvana Dove
Nancy and Patrick Duley
Jamie Dvoretzky
Wayne Ebenfeld
Amy Fries and Mark Eisenhower
Casey and Michael Empey
Karina Erickson

Lindsay Warner Ferrer
Gary Fifer
Linda Franz
Fay Gallagher
Sue and Marty Goodhart
Rochelle and Kenneth Gray
Tina Green
Diane Charles and Kevin Grim
Lisa Groover
Allyson Halverson
Dorothy Handy
Sylvia and William Harris
Johnathan Holloway
Stacy Holloway
Bootsie Humenansky and David Humenansky
Keith and Sharon Jones
Roger Kaplan
Ronald Keller
Courtney and Scott Knittle
Kirsten Langhorne
Jack and Karen LeCuyer
Glenn and Teri Lewis
Elizabeth Lichter
Beth and Tim Lovain
Julie Dion Lupro
Meloni McDougal
Jennier Mendoza
Christine Merk
Lanette and Jay Moore

John Morgan
Chelsey Ney
Miriam and Ted Nissly
Clare Noble
Kimberly O’Donnell
Michelle O’Hara-Levin and Jeremy Levin
Charles Partlow
Emily Robinson
Jean and James Robinson
David and Ellen Rohrer
Wendy Rubin
Paloma Santiago-Adorno
Schaufeld Family Foundation
Andria Smith
Janie Smith and Sonny Manser
Trent Sorensen
Maggie and Barry Stauffer
Terry and Linda Stewart
Tim and Lecia Stock
Regina and Frank Strong
Mary Sutera
Kay and John Tibbits
W. Vannewkirk
The Honorable George Varoutsos and Alexandra Varoutsos
Laurene Warhol
Deborah Warren
Jeffrey Wisoff
Kent and Mary Pat Woodman
Audrey Wright

*This list recognizes donors who gave during the Fall Hope Is Here 2020 campaign (October-December 2020).

We are grateful for our donors all year long. Be on the lookout for our Annual Report soon where we look forward to recognizing all of our supporters.