SCANning the web: How to talk with your children—and other parents—about the shootings in Colorado 

July 23, 2012

“When the world feels loud, we must be quiet. When the world feels violent, we must be peaceful. When the world seems evil, we must be good.” – Glennon Melton, parenting blogger at momastery.com

The tragic shooting in Colorado last week has many parents scrambling to figure out how to talk about it with their children. A sidebar has been the many public conversations about parenting choices and children going to the movies.

We want to support open, safe dialogue between parents as well as within families as we struggle to understand what a traumatic event means in our own lives. It’s never easy to explain why something like this happens, and it can seem impossible to answer the questions of children when we ourselves can’t seem to make sense of it all. We suggest visiting the Helping Children Deal with Trauma page on our Parent Resource Center (we provide a fact sheet in English and Spanish—perfect for sharing with others, too.)

Some fantastic articles have popped up over the weekend to help parents begin the conversation about the event in Colorado, and we thought we would share:

Have another resource to share with families? Please post in the comments section below and keep the conversation going…