SCANSnapshot: A SCAN Family Portrait 

July 6, 2012

Ever take one of those photos that you just can’t stop looking at? A photo that makes you feel good, energized and just plain old happy? Well, we took a whole bunch of those photos at our recent Volunteer Appreciation Party and just had to share:

You see, every face above is a person making a difference at SCAN. They are volunteers. Board members. Staff members. And donors, too. The people who are committed—in diverse ways—to ending child abuse and supporting families in Northern Virginia. We hope you look at these photos and feel good, energized and happy too. And maybe—just maybe—inspired to be a part of this incredible group of people.

Below, State Senator and SCAN Honorary Board Member Barbara Favola offers inspiring words and smiles to the group at SCAN’s Volunteer Appreciation party.

Volunteers and staff (below) were honored to have a representative from the Arlington County Bar Association join them, presenting a check to support SCAN’s Alexandria/Arlington CASA Program.

And we had to include this photo, too—it kind of says it all. A board member, a volunteer, a donor and a staff member. It takes ALL kinds of support to make an organization like SCAN work. And we’re incredibly grateful—good, energized and happy too!—to have such great people be part of SCAN’s family.