April: It’s time to get personal 

April 26, 2013

Today’s guest blogger is Kim Fiske, a longtime supporter and current Board Member of SCAN. Kim’s perspective on SCAN’s change and growth over the years is valuable, but it’s her personal connections and networking that we find especially uplifting. She is an individual who has put her heart into her commitment to SCAN on many levels, and we’re so glad she’s sharing a plea to make SCAN “personal” with our readers today:

blogblock_kimfiskeApril2013This is an exciting year for SCAN – we are celebrating 25 years of helping vulnerable children and educating our community. During this year we are taking some time to review our accomplishments and growth while looking forward to new ways to engage with the community.

One accomplishment I am particularly proud of is the Allies in Prevention Luncheon.  Eleven years ago, SCAN launched this event to thank and celebrate those who work every day to protect children and support families in Northern Virginia. Many contribute to make the event special, including hosts like ABC7’s Leon Harris, keynote speakers and our long time Campaign Sponsor Verizon, often represented at the luncheon by our friend Doug Brammer.

Each year, we honor five individuals who have gone above and beyond to prevent child abuse and neglect in their communities, but everyone in that room is a hero.  The work they do is emotionally difficult; I often wonder how they can keep on going day after day. This year we asked past award winners what inspires them to continue their work in prevention.  Some shared stories of a single child’s success making it all worth it. Others noted that sincere gratitude from families they serve proved motivational. And several respondents said they were inspired by the work of others – their colleagues and members of their community.

That last response made me think about the many people who have told me they volunteered with or donated to SCAN because of a single person. Because of Dave Cleary, our founder.  Or because of Jason Osser, a board member. Or Sonia Quiñónez, our executive director.  People are inspired by the works and actions of people they know and respect.  Members of my book club, friends, employees and even clients have become involved with SCAN in one way or another because they have heard me talking about my personal involvement with the organization over the years.

Think about that as April – Child Abuse Prevention Month – draws to a close.  Someone might be inspired by YOU and YOUR actions this month.

So I challenge you to get personal with SCAN today. Share a volunteer experience. Tell someone that you made a donation. The impact you have will be very personal for the children and families in our programs. I can promise you that.

– Kim

Kim Fiske, SCAN Board Member