Croquet Day in Pictures 

June 6, 2013

As we gear up for our next special event on Monday (our 17th Annual Tee-Off for Children & Families Golf Tournament) we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the favorite photos from our most recent event–Croquet Day! Its success raising more than $30,000 on May 18th has been covered by local media here, here and here, and we’re so grateful that so many (over 200+) friends made it all possible. Enjoy the pics…and stay tuned for Golf Tournament photos next week on our Facebook page here!

Photo May 18, 1 59 52 PM                        IMG_6684-2525604023-O  IMG_6705-2525605278-O IMG_6706-2525605392-O IMG_6788-2525612051-OIMG_6695-2525604264-O IMG_6767-2525610139-O IMG_6763-2525609849-O IMG_6758-2525609616-O IMG_6755-2525609572-O IMG_6753-2525609193-O IMG_6747-2525608699-O IMG_6718-2525606573-O IMG_6709-2525605648-O IMG_6700-2525604800-O IMG_6672-2525602910-O IMG_6663-2525602671-O CIMG4983-2526120708-O CIMG4981-2526120765-O CIMG4979-2526121112-O CIMG4978-2526121482-O CIMG4977-2526121366-O CIMG4971-2526122476-O CIMG4947-2526125810-O CIMG4941-2526126658-O CIMG4933-2526127651-O CIMG4927-2526128668-O