Speaking up for children…and SCAN 

February 24, 2014

blogblock_spokespersonIt’s not easy to talk about child abuse and neglect. But it’s not something we can ignore. And we can’t keep thinking it doesn’t happen “in my community.”

Child abuse cuts across all boundaries of economic level, race, ethnic heritage and religious faith. Unfortunately, child abuse occurs in all segments of our society, but the risk factors are greater in families where parents:

  • seem to be having economic, housing or personal problems;
  • are isolated from their family or community;
  • have difficulty controlling anger or stress;
  • are dealing with physical or mental health issues;
  • abuse alcohol or drugs; and/or
  • or appear uninterested in the care, nourishment or safety of their children.

SCAN of Northern Virginia is launching a new effort to raise more voices in our work to prevent child abuse and neglect. On March 1, 2014, we’ll be bringing together two dozen board members, CASA volunteers, SCAN staff and other volunteers for a new training on how to be more effective spokespersons for these issues. We’ll learn how to talk about these challenging topics, as well as how both SCAN’s programs and individual actions make a critical difference for our community.

Each year, over 6,000 children in Virginia are abused and neglected, including over 1,000 children in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, we know that child abuse is underreported and far more children are actually impacted. This abuse includes physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse and emotional abuse & neglect. It can be a one-time occurrence, but more often it is a pattern of behavior involving regular physical attacks or acts of deprivation or molestation. Frequently, the longer child abuse goes on, the more serious the consequences.

We need MORE people feeling EMPOWERED to speak up.

Participants will learn more about the issues, the solutions and how to more effectively speak out for child abuse prevention, just in time for April’s Child Abuse Prevention month.

Are you interested in having one of our wonderful spokespeople come to your office over lunch, speak to your church group, or share their story with your women’s club? Please let us know! Contact Tracy Leonard, Community Education and Engagement Coordinator, at [email protected].