Why I support SCAN 

March 19, 2014

Ever want to learn more about the people who support SCAN? Ever wonder WHY they support SCAN? Today we talk with Paola McDonald, a local entrepreneur (and mom), about her personal and professional support of SCAN’s programs in Northern Virginia.

SCAN: How did you first learn about SCAN? What was your initial involvement?

Paola: I used to work for SCAN several years ago.  I was the Parent Education Coordinator, back before I had children myself.  I was also the CASA Volunteer Recruiter for about one year.  It was a short term, contract position where I was able to assist the CASA program with their minority volunteer recruitment efforts.

SCAN: What is your involvement today? Why do you continue to support SCAN?

Paola: Today I continue to support SCAN as a Pinwheel Partner.  I am also on the Corporate Partnership Development Committee.  I support SCAN because of the incredible, valuable things I learned about parenting while I was a staff member.  I am by no means a perfect parent, but I wouldn’t be half the parent I am today without so many of the great things I learned at SCAN.  I believe every parent should have an opportunity to learn these valuable lessons and I believe that the work SCAN does really positively impacts those that the organization is able to touch.

3. What does your business do to support SCAN?

We currently donate 5% of our total design service fees to the organization.  I also participate in quarterly meetings for the Corporate Partnership Committee and am developing a plan for reaching and recruiting more women entrepreneurs to support SCAN.

4. As a business owner, what’s the value of supporting a child abuse prevention organization? (What’s in it for you/your community?)

Parenting is difficult.  As a mom trying to balance parenting and entrepreneurship, life is often hectic and unbalanced.  The work that SCAN does really helps to support parents, to educate them, to provide them with tools for raising healthy, happy children through the stressful and hectic times.  All parents and their children need and deserve that.  I want to do what I can to support an organization that truly helps parents raise their children with love and respect.  I’ve seen what it can do for me and want to help SCAN share that with others.

6. If other local businesses are interested in supporting SCAN, what do you recommend as first steps?

There are so many ways to support this wonderful organization.  I would recommend just making a simple phone call or getting on the website to start exploring the many simple ways that you can support SCAN.  It does not require a lot time or a lot of money necessarily.  There are many simple ways to give and participate and the staff is always open to new and creative ideas as well.  I would start with a simple conversation about what opportunities are available to see what most appeals to you.


We’re so grateful to Paola and her business, Olamar Interiors, for sharing her experience– and of course we love her suggestion that you contact us to learn more! Our staff is always happy to talk about opportunities to get involved. Send an email to [email protected] or call the SCAN office at 703-820-9001. We look forward to hearing from you!