A Special Kind of Support: Helping Parents of Children with Special Needs 

January 29, 2016


It’s a topic that has come up often in our Allies in Prevention Coalition
Meetings: How do parenting topics and resources apply to those raising children with
special needs?
In many cases, families are all facing the same struggles —
how to discipline, deal with sibling rivalry, find childcare — but at the same
time there are unique challenges that deserve special attention and support.

This fall, SCAN worked with community partners to develop four new fact
sheets focused on parents raising children with special needs:

We hope to continue to develop materials for this parenting community (including translating these first four fact sheets into Spanish this spring), and we encourage parents to reach out for support from organizations such as:

For school support, also reference:

  • Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities (VAISEF) – www.vaisef.org
  • Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) – www.mansef.org
  • DC Association for Special Education (DCASE) – www.dcase.org
  • National Association of Private Special Education Centers (NAPSEC) – www.napsec.org
  • Definitely Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) – www.peatc.org

What other resources can we share to support this special groups of parents? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!