Five Stories to Inspire You: The 2016 Allies in Prevention Honorees 

April 8, 2016

Meet Tabitha, a mother and child welfare professional who passionately works to build resilience in children and families: “When I am met with a tough decision, I consider how I would act if this were my child; I want nothing less for them than I would want for my own.”

Meet Carlos, who immigrated from El Salvador. He became a father and successful business owner in the U.S., and now makes the children in his community his responsibility, passionately speaking up for and connecting with children and young adults.

Meet Ellen, a 25-year veteran of the child welfare profession, as she looks back on a career spent building the connections that have led to the creation of her community’s first child advocacy center. Her work with communty partners resulted in unprecedented cooperation among agencies that will change the lives of children in her community for generations to come.

Meet Burnette, a child advocate committed to taking every opportunity she can find to connect with parents in ways that will build up their knowledge, confidence and capacity for nurturing connections in their families. Her personal commitments to her own children’s schools blossomed into remarkable child and parent advocacy in Northern Virginia, the greater Commonwealth and beyond.

Meet The Giving Circle, a remarkable group of women in Alexandria who turned an idea to make special donations to child-focused projects in their neighborhood into a million-dollar, unprecedented investment in the future of their community.

These are the winners of the 2016 Allies in Prevention Awards, and we could not be more inspired or excited to share their stories. Learn more about them here.