A Letter: Thank you for being a part of the SCAN Story! 

December 28, 2017

Dear Friends,

SCAN of Northern Virginia will soon be celebrating the achievement of three decades of service to children and families here in Northern Virginia. As we approach our 30th anniversary in 2018, we have been reflecting on how our work has evolved and expanded over the last 30 years.

SCAN has changed in many ways and yet has remained the same. The number of children and families impacted by our work has certainly grown; the diversity of services provided and geographic area we serve have broadened; and technology (most notably through our website and app) has changed how our resources are made available and how we connect to entirely new audiences. Yet, our purpose and core values—a strong belief that every child deserves to grow up in a safe, loving and nurturing environment—have not wavered.

We have watched Northern Virginia’s population skyrocket in recent decades, and we know that means thousands of children are still abused each year here in our community. It also means the need for SCAN’s Parent Education, Public Education and Child Advocacy programs is as great as ever. We’re proud that many children are being raised in healthier environments with positive parenting today because their parents benefited from SCAN’s programs as children two decades ago. And we are committed to making an even greater difference for today’s children, so that as they become parents they will form stronger families that contribute to a healthier community.

We realize SCAN’s impact is a reflection of the loving and generous hearts of the staff, volunteers, and donors like you who have given so much—and we are grateful for your support.

There is still time to make a year-end donation to SCAN! DONATE HERE.

No matter when you first connected with SCAN, you are an important part of our 30-year legacy. We hope the stories and achievements in this year’s annual report (HERE) will renew your sense of commitment to SCAN as we continue our work building hope for another generation of children and families in Northern Virginia.

Thank you!

Dave Cleary, SCAN Founder
Joe Carlin, SCAN Board of Directors Past President