SCAN’s New “No Hit Zone” Initiative 

May 22, 2018

“Hands are not for hitting” is a common phrase used by parents and caregivers to help teach young children appropriate social interaction skills. We want children to have healthy relationships as they grow older, but what message do we really send to them when they are being told not to hit others, but then experience being hit themselves in the form of punishment from adults?

With the support of the Northern Virginia Health Foundation and in partnership with the Child Protection Partnership, SCAN is partnering with organizations across the Greater Prince William Area to implement “No Hit Zones”. Utilizing No Hit Zone’s 4 Strategies for Change, SCAN will help facilitate the implementation of No Hit Zones and provide partnering sites with:

  • environment evaluation and recommendations
  • staff training
  • educational resources
  • policy development, and
  • technical support.

Through the implementation of No Hit Zones, SCAN hopes to develop yet another way we can strive to promote a culture of safety and health for children, families, and communities in Northern Virginia.

Find more information about our No Hit Zones initiative here.

— Allyson Halverson, Public Education Manager