Trauma-Informed Community Network Meeting Kicks Off in Loudoun County 

October 12, 2018

On September 26, thanks to grant funding from Loudoun Non-Profit grants, the first Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN) meeting was called to order at HealthWorks for Northern Virginia in Loudoun County and facilitated by SCAN. The Loudoun community has been making great strides in integrating trauma-informed care in the community and SCAN is excited to help steward collaboration between organizations and expand trauma awareness work in Loudoun. As the Loudoun TICN continues to move forward in a shared commitment towards the creation of a more trauma-informed and resilient community, there is something for everyone to contribute to and gain from the network.

Source: VisitLoudoun.org

At the inaugural meeting, the group dove right in and collaborated on a series of impactful opportunities and workgroups to benefit the Loudoun community, including:

1. Community asset mapping opportunity: This resource sheet was a collaborative document developed by the team to house the variety of resources that the Loudoun community can offer to its members
2. Loudoun TICN immediate gaps/needs/priorities within the community workgroup collaborative: The SCAN facilitator asked the TICN to collaboratively identify what are areas within our community that we can identify as areas of need? How can we shine a trauma-informed lens on these gap needs?
3. Workgroups and coalitions currently functioning in Loudoun County: The TICN identified workgroups currently doing trauma-informed work in the Loudoun community that may be represented or should be represented at the trauma network.
4. An opportunity identifying the Loudoun TICN membership: This activity identified our strength as a trauma-informed collaborative. It also identified Loudoun sectors that were TICN members and asked the question: Who do we need to reach out to so that we are all-inclusive to the entire community?

SCAN looks forward to collaborating with the Loudoun community and continuing to support impactful trauma-informed work, grow and effect change, and serve Loudoun County.

The next Loudoun TICN meeting will be held on November 28th from 9:30-11:00 am at HealthWorks of Northern Virginia. Interested in attending? Please contact us!