Becoming a Parenting Facilitator: One Intern’s Perspective 

November 27, 2018

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to become a trained facilitator for one of SCAN’s parenting programs? This week, one of our BSW interns shares his first-hand knowledge of the experience:

My name is Ernesto Aguiluz and I am a social work intern for SCAN. I have just completed the 21-hour training to become a facilitator for the Strengthening Families program for parents with children ages 10-14. This program helps parents recognize and strengthen the parenting skills they already have, and it also teaches them new skills they can start to use to help them on the difficult journey called parenting.

The Strengthening Families program training shows facilitators like me how to follow the program from beginning to end. It goes over topics such as setting limits and being consistent, as well as how to model these ideas for parents. One of my favorite topics was better understanding the needs of teenagers. After making a list of needs (including a need to belong and independence) we saw that there are ways to meet those needs in both positive and negative ways. Teenagers are going to meet their needs—one way or another— and we must show them the consequences of each route.

Overall, the training was very informative and focused on the foundation of showing love and setting limits. I encourage any family to explore this program—it will help your family grow closer and become stronger.

— Ernesto Aguiluz, SCAN Intern

Have you ever considered volunteering with SCAN’s Parent Education Program? In addition to facilitators, we need children’s program volunteers and guests to coordinate family meals. Learn more here.