SCAN and Certified FETI team up to bring science-based trauma interviewing to Northern Virginia law enforcement 

August 21, 2019

August 20, 2019 (Falls Church, VA) — SCAN of Northern Virginia will be hosting the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI®) training in Falls Church, from October 7-11, 2019 at the Inova Center for Personalized Health Conference Center. FETI provides interviewers with a science-informed interviewing framework, an approach being used internationally by law enforcement, universities, healthcare providers, and other professionals who interview regularly. 

Thanks to funding from Northern Virginia Health Foundation, interested professionals are invited to apply for scholarships to cover the cost of the training opportunity. Applications are due by September 6, 2019. 

Certified FETI training teaches interviewers the neuroscience on how memory is encoded and recalled during high stress or trauma and provides them with a science and practice-based interviewing methodology aimed at maximizing opportunities for information collection. In addition, the training provides interviewers with a framework to accurately document traumatic experiences in a neutral, equitable and fair manner. 

“Traditional interviewing techniques focus on sequencing and twodimensional questions like the who, what, where, how and why,” says Dan Jimmerson, the Chief Operating Officer at Certified FETI. “Instead, we teach interviewers to use Brain-based Cues that help unlock experiential details that are central to that individual’s experience, ultimately producing greater opportunities for a larger quantity of information and veracity in the interview.”   

Certified FETI offers a full path to certification for individuals and organizations across the world that are looking for standardized, accountable, and transparent interviews.  

“We believe that one way to prevent abuse is to help every adult better understand trauma and its impact,” says Allyson Halverson, Director of Professional Development at SCAN. “By bringing a training like FETI to Northern Virginia, we can empower professionals in our community to incorporate trauma informed practices into their work.” 

To download the scholarship application, please visit www.scanva.org/feti  

To learn more about the FETI training program, please visit www.certifiedfeti.com/events 


SCAN is the  only region-wide organization focused solely on preventing child abuse and neglect across Northern Virginia. With a core focus on the wellbeing of every child — and a deep understanding of the complexity of child development, abuse, and trauma — we work to engage the four groups surrounding a child:  

  • Families, including parents and other caregivers  
  • Advocates for children, especially for those already in the court system  
  • Child welfare professionals, such as CPS workers and educators  
  • Community members  

Learn more about SCAN’s programs at scanva.org.  


Certified FETI® is the founding and governing body of the official Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, a science and practice-based interviewing methodology informed by the latest research on the neurobiology of trauma and memory. 

The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI®) provides interviewers with a science-informed interviewing framework that maximizes opportunities for information collection and accurately documents the participant’s experience in a neutral, equitable, and fair manner. 

To learn more about the FETI or how to become FETI certified, www.certifiedfeti.com.