SCAN Honors McEnearney Associates Realtors for Longstanding Support and Announces Spring2ACTion Match 

April 27, 2021

SCAN of Northern Virginia awarded the 2020 Cleary Award to McEnearney Associates Realtors, represented by Dave Hawkins and Michael Day, for their commitment to the prevention of child abuse and unfailing support of SCAN’s mission and work. In support of Alexandria’s annual day of giving, McEnearney Associates has also announced a $5,000 match of all donations made to SCAN now through April 28 as a part of Spring2ACTion. 

“The McEnearney team’s constant presence and support – whether it’s through a helping hand at events, spreading awareness in the community, or through their generous financial support – has and continues to make a positive difference in the lives of children in Northern Virginia,” says Leah Fraley, SCAN’s Executive Director. “McEnearney Associates is more than deserving of the Cleary Award and we are so grateful for the opportunity to honor them in this way.” 

In addition to receiving the award, McEnearney Associates has announced a $5,000 Spring2ACTion match. Organized by ACT for Alexandria, this annual day of giving brings the community together to support organizations serving Alexandrians through challenging times year-round.  

The work SCAN does is impactful and necessary,” says Dave Hawkins of McEnearney Associates. “I’m not sure what other work could be more valuable in the communityI will continue to support SCAN forever and I sincerely hope that others pick up the challenge and help their mission grow.” 



About SCAN 

SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) of Northern Virginia is the only region-wide organization focused on preventing child abuse and neglect. We believe every child deserves a safe, stable, nurturing home. Keeping children safe and helping them thrive requires a continuum of prevention programs that engage families, professionals, and community members. With a core focus on the wellbeing of every child — and a deep understanding of the complexity of child development, abuse, and trauma — we work to empower the four groups surrounding a child:   

  • Families, including parents and other caregivers   
  • Advocates for children, especially for those already in the court system   
  • Child welfare professionals, such as CPS workers and educators   
  • Community members   

We believe every one of these groups is on the front lines of prevention, and SCAN’s role is to engage and empower these adults to take an active role in the protection of children.