Support letter: Guaranteed Basic Income in Alexandria 

July 2, 2021

Dear Alexandria City Council,

SCAN of Northern Virginia stands with dozens of other community organizations in support of the Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) Pilot you can fund on July 6th. We have seen firsthand how the pandemic has rocked Alexandria’s families. GBI would bring a just moral recovery in the wake of the public health and economic damage that COVID-19 brought to so many families in Northern Virginia already struggling to make ends meet.

GBI programs are proven to work, providing economic stability to recipients and supporting the community by injecting resources into people who spend at local businesses. With stability comes opportunity and those that receive these grants are 2x more likely to find a full-time job than non-participants.

This program will help our most vulnerable families in Alexandria. Please, fully fund the Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot and bring a just recovery to our city.

Leah Fraley,
Executive Director, SCAN of Northern Virginia