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Welcome to the start of your collaborative learning journey


Thank you for considering hosting The Belonging Project microlearning with your group, team, or organization.

Each guided session takes under 15 minutes from your staff or team meeting. Guides will be supported with recorded samples, talking points, and background material. Guide feedback will inform the final product we launch across Greater Prince William and Virginia in July.

The Belonging Project microlearning sessions are made possible by the Virginia Department of Social Services, the Office of Trauma and Resilience Policy (OTRP), the Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN) of Greater Prince William, SCAN of Northern Virginia, and To Learn Just Notice, LLC.

Project Guides bring The Belonging Project to their team. They are the facilitators who present provided microlearning at their staff meetings, creating belonging and fostering trauma-informed care in their organization. This work benefits staff wellbeing, your organization, and our community.

We encourage anyone interested to be a guide. We will provide all content, talking points, and additional training to help you along the way. A Belonging Project Guide is someone who…

— Cares about creating more Belonging in the workplace or community
— Is interested in sharpening their facilitation skills
— Is interested in holding space for a variety of viewpoints
— Is willing to prepare for presentations (~30-min before session)
— Is willing to attend/view TICN content meetings

Why be a Guide? Organizations that participate in this exclusive pilot will receive recognition and will be presented to all Trauma-Informed Community Networks (TICNs) throughout Virginia and offered statewide.

Our goal is to pilot this program across multiple sectors. We encourage anyone interested to apply, and at this time have a specific need to reach law enforcement, healthcare, and faith organizations.

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Resources for Guides

Guides will receive six microlearning presentations to share with their team. Presentations include a script and talking points. In addition to the presentations, guides will have access to monthly background learning offered by the Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN) of Greater Prince William, recorded sample sessions, and feedback/Q&A sessions with subject matter experts.

Topics include belonging and othering, identity and identity groups, mindsets, and communication approaches. The content is grounded in extensive research, supported by the Trauma-Informed Community Network of Greater Prince William (TICN), and designed by a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIAB) practitioner.

Check out a sneak peek from the first four microlearning sessions (with facilitator notes!) below.