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SCANStar: Meaghan Morris

It’s volunteers like Meaghan Morris who make our ABCs of Parenting Class a special experience for the whole family. While parents are engaged in lessons with class facilitators, their children spend time with Meaghan and other volunteers who teach lessons on correlating topics, engage in meaningful conversations, have fun and provide a supportive, energetic ear to both […]

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Adventures in CASAland…+ Fancy Free Tuesday!

Navigating the ins and outs of the court system, families, teachers, doctors and all the people involved in a child’s life can be daunting, but we recently had the opportunity to celebrate someone who makes it look easy – Ann Caulkins, one of our CASA Program staff members.  Ann volunteered with SCAN’s CASA Program for 5 […]

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Fathers + Fancy Free Friday!

Start your weekend off right with a hilarious video about fatherhood. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTIzjVxvV2U] Stressing fatherhood involvement is more important than ever. The number of children living without fathers has more than doubled in the last 50 years, according to research recently released from the Pew Research Center. Studies show that fathers play a major role in every aspect of […]

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SCANStar: Jackie Rodriguez

Jackie Rodriguez is a SCAN renaissance woman. Before she took on the role of backup facilitator for Educational Parent Support Groups, she participated in SCAN’s ABCs of Parenting Classes and Support Groups. Her involvement with SCAN for nearly eight years has made her this week’s SCANStar. And for those of you who didn’t see last week’s installment, […]

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Learning My ABCs: An Intern’s Take on ABCs of Parenting Class in Spanish

Even though I’ve taken my fair share of Spanish classes, I would be lucky if I could ask someone for directions to the nearest supermercado in Spanish. (Sorry, former Spanish teachers!) Fortunately, I didn’t have to understand  subjunctive verb conjugations to get a sense of the accomplishment that graduates of our ABCs of Parenting In Spanish […]

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Christine Chambers

SCANStar will be a regular feature on BuildingBlocks that highlights our dedicated volunteers, program participants, and program facilitators. Get to know the serious and silly things about the people who make SCAN great! This week’s SCANStar is CASA volunteer Christine Chambers, who has advocated for children for three years. BuildingBlocks: How long have you volunteered with […]

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