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Support for Immigrant Parents

There have been countless (and often conflicting) news stories in recent weeks about immigration in the United States. In our networks, the discussion–for years–has simply focused on how we can best care for and support these families. What is it like to be an immigrant and a parent? What are the unique fears, challenges, and needs faced by these families? Please […]

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Get Parents Connected This Fall

Twice a year, SCAN publishes the Parent Connection Resource Guide (PCRG), a catalog of parenting resources available in the Northern Virginia area. SCAN has just published its newest guide covering August through December of 2016. Our goal in preparing and distributing the PCRG to child welfare professionals is to spread the word about the plethora […]

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SCANStar: Jackie Rodriguez

Jackie Rodriguez is a SCAN renaissance woman. Before she took on the role of backup facilitator for Educational Parent Support Groups, she participated in SCAN’s ABCs of Parenting Classes and Support Groups. Her involvement with SCAN for nearly eight years has made her this week’s SCANStar. And for those of you who didn’t see last week’s installment, […]

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