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Holiday Reminders for Parents: A Helpful List

Lots of parents are especially stressed in the final weeks of December. How can we help? Sometimes a simple suggestion is all it takes to give a parent the permission to hit the reset button on the holiday season: Simplify. Reduce the number of gifts you give. Don’t worry about sending cards this year. Cut […]

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SCAN’s Favorite Tools for Managing Stress (Holiday Edition!)

It’s December — are parents around you looking a little more frazzled? Stress is an issue for families all year long, but during the holidays it can reach a fevered pitch. Here are some of our favorite tips and resources to share with the families in your community: Make smart decisions about what you say […]

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Get Kids Outside! What is Nature Deprivation?

The average child spends LESS THAN 10 MINUTES each day outside for unstructured playtime. At the same time, we watch as the children we serve face increased stress levels, mental health issues, rising levels of obesity and huge amounts of time spent on computers and other devices. Nature Deprivation happens when children (and adults, too!) aren’t […]

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5 Tips for Parents to Help with Holiday Stress

Here they are — our 5 favorite tips from around the web to help parents manage stress this holiday season: Pay close attention once per day. “Parents find themselves scattered over the holidays. Sometimes we forget that children need our time more than ever when things become hectic. We can give the gift of attention every day, without […]

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It’s About Time.

One of the constant challenges of parenting today is time management. Families have busy schedules, often juggling multiple jobs and endless activities, and can really struggle to spend quality time together. How can we better support parents in their efforts to connect with their kids while still handling the stress and schedule of daily life? Here […]

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