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Mandated Reporters: Who are they and what is their role in reducing child abuse?

Anyone can report suspected child abuse or neglect, but if you are identified in the Code of Virginia (§ 63.2-1509) as a mandated reporter or you have received training in recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect – then you are a mandated reporter. Over the summer, we have trained mandated reporters everywhere from summer camps to childcare […]

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New Work = New Opportunities with Mandated Reporters

SCAN’s work in Public Education has been expanding its reach to include child care workers. These newly formed relationships are a perfect example of how we connect with the communities in which we live. Through our involvement with the Child Protection Partnership of Greater Prince William, we have received funding and administrative support from the […]

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A change in season, a change in law

Do you know who is required to report child abuse? Do you know how quickly it must be reported? In Virginia, beginning on July 1, 2012, the law is changing regarding mandated reporting of child abuse and neglect. A mandated reporter is one who meets the following requirements: Any person, 18 years of age or […]

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