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Keeping Kids Safe in Cars

Today’s guest post is from SCAN’s Summer Intern Iliana Panameño, who recently graduated from Union College and hopes to empower the Latino community through advocacy work and policy analysis. Her work at SCAN this summer focuses on public education and advocacy issues. Our community has experienced two tragic deaths this month due to children being left […]

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True love. True story.

When I first began working at SCAN over ten years ago, I did not have children but was passionate about the work we were doing in the community to prevent child abuse and neglect. As years went by – and my family grew to include three young children – not only did I begin to […]

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Stay-at-home Dads: On the rise and in need of support

Being a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) can be hard, especially if you’re a new parent.  SAHDs face a lot of criticism, most of which are based on stereotypical gender roles.  Dedicating yourself to raising your children can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be a demanding, confusing and lonely job.  While more and more dads are […]

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Co-Parenting: It’s hard, but worth it.

Putting your kids’ needs ahead of your own is a defining part of being a parent (that, and sometimes DNA plays a role).  But what happens if you and your spouse decide that separating as a couple is what you want?  It’s not the end of your road as a parent, and it’s certainly not the time […]

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Kids. 9/11. Questions. As parents, how do we help them deal?

Last week our country faced the traumatic memories of 9/11. A decade after the terrorist attacks that day, millions of children – many of them not even born in 2001 – also had to see images of the attacks, talk about it in their classrooms and hear stories of those who lived through the devastation. […]

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SCANStar: Meaghan Morris

It’s volunteers like Meaghan Morris who make our ABCs of Parenting Class a special experience for the whole family. While parents are engaged in lessons with class facilitators, their children spend time with Meaghan and other volunteers who teach lessons on correlating topics, engage in meaningful conversations, have fun and provide a supportive, energetic ear to both […]

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