The Circle of Security Parenting Course: Nurturing Stronger Bonds 

December 4, 2023

Family of four coloring and laughing on the floor.


Are you a social worker or educator searching for an effective parenting program to refer families to? Look no further than the Circle of Security Parenting Course offered by SCAN of Northern Virginia. In this blog post, we will delve into the heartwarming and transformative environment that this program provides to parents, caregivers, and, most importantly, the children they seek to nurture.

The Circle of Security Parenting Course is an internationally renowned program aimed at empowering parents and caregivers to better understand their children and to build secure, lasting relationships with them. As a social worker or educator, your role in referring families to this program can be instrumental in fostering healthier family dynamics and ensuring children’s wellbeing.

The Circle of Security Course is just one of many free parenting classes that SCAN offers for families in Northern Virginia. If you think that this, or any of our classes, would be helpful for families you work with, we encourage you to refer them as soon as possible.


What is the Circle of Security Parenting Course?

At its core, the Circle of Security Parenting Course is an evidence-based intervention designed to help parents recognize and effectively respond to their children’s emotional needs. The program emphasizes the importance of secure attachments, offering practical tools and strategies that enable parents to build stronger bonds with their children. It was developed by a team of experts in the field of attachment theory and early childhood development.

Key Program Components:

  • Understanding Attachment: The course starts by educating parents about attachment theory, helping them comprehend the profound impact it has on a child’s emotional and social development. This knowledge forms the foundation for building secure relationships.
  • Recognizing Emotional Cues: One of the essential aspects of the program is teaching parents to identify their children’s emotional cues. This skill allows parents to respond promptly to their child’s needs, thereby creating a sense of security.
  • Strengthening Parental Resilience: The program equips parents with tools to manage their own emotions and stress, making them more capable of providing the emotional support their children need.
  • Effective Communication: The Circle of Security Parenting Course focuses on enhancing communication between parents and children. Parents learn how to express their love and affection while also setting appropriate boundaries.
  • Parental Reflectivity: Parents are encouraged to reflect on their parenting styles, allowing them to make positive changes in their interactions with their children.

The Role of Social Workers and Educators

As a social worker or educator, you play a pivotal role in connecting families to this valuable program. By identifying families who may benefit from the Circle of Security Parenting Course, you can contribute to the overall wellbeing of the children you work with. This program is particularly beneficial for families facing challenges or experiencing difficulties in their parent-child relationships.

The Circle of Security Course offered by SCAN is a remarkable program that can transform the lives of families by nurturing strong, secure attachments between parents and children. As a social worker or educator, your support and referrals can make a significant difference in the lives of the families you work with. By connecting families to this program, you are helping them build a strong foundation for their children’s emotional and social development.

Completion of this course fulfills court-mandated parenting education requirements. At this time, SCAN’s Circle of Security Parenting Course is only offered virtually, making it more accessible for busy families.